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Q7:Longse Easy IP Solution

Our Intelligent IP solution makes the installation easier and more secure.




Figure 1. Installation is a labor-intensive effort that requires an Ethernet cable and a power plug for the camera.
Figure 2. With the POE NVR, you only need an Ethernet cable to connect the IP camera and NVR.
Figure 3. With the WIFI NVR, you only need a wireless router to connect the IP camera and NVR. 
Figure 4. With the PLC, you only plug in sockets of the same closed circuit to connect the IP camera and NVR. 



Before: Several fixed cameras have to be installed to cover the entire store.
After: The whole shop is covered by one fisheye camera, reducing time and labor costs.

Longse’s Easy IP solution offers Wi-Fi Kits, and PoE NVRs for easy connection. The system features automatic IP address allocation, auto detection, auto connection, and easy access.




The automatic IP address allocation is convenient and saving time


Longse’s Easy IP cameras offer high compression efficiency and reduce the burden of transmission and storage on the IP surveillance system.





One month recording is compared H.265 IP camera with H.264 IP camera. The former reduce storage consumption by up to 1/3 compared to H.264 IP camera.


All Longse Easy IP cameras support Longse-connected P2P service, which enables remote access simply by using a smartphone to scan the supplied product QR code.



You can view the live video and recorded video files anytime and anywhere with P2P service.


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