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Notice丨Longse Group Brand Upgrading - New Logo, New Image

Notice丨Longse Group Brand Upgrading - New Logo, New Image

On May 18th, 2017, Longse group released it's brand upgrading conference. In the conference hall, President, general manager,

leader of each department and deputy of each department were there to witness the giant feast of brand upgrading with you.

During this conference, Longse group released a new logo, the president had a spendid description and explanation of the

image upgrading. Meanwhile, Strong reaction against the stage when new logo was revealed.

1. Image upgrading

Start from new Logo

New red logo indicates the new image of Longse Group with activeness, entrepreneurship and enthusiasm.

The new logo is based on “longse”, comparing with the previous blue logo, red color is used for the dominant hue that shows the

vitality, morality and passion of Longse, with the positive attitude to welcome a new era. The modern sans-serif is suitable for the

line of the logo, with grotesque front, which makes the logo more concise. In addition, the little inclined letter “e” make the whole

logo alive, which conveys the friendly enterprise image for co-operation.

2. Strategic Upgrade

Take talent as the core, take product as the cornerstone, take content as the guide, take service as the supporter, take pattern

as the underlay.

Talent:  train, encouragement, backbone.

Product:  profession, focus, concentration

Service: multiple, professional, immediate

Content: comprehensive upgrading

Pattern: multiple, flexible , guaranteed

3. President’s Word

“Thinking decide way out

4. Splendid Moment

Everything is based on strength and changes. The bugle of “brand upgrading” is in full progress. Longse group will move on to

premium brand with concrete steps, leading all of our partners to a greater place in the market.

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